USA masterbuilder meeting

- by Custom Shop Lounge

We were very lucky and thankful that we had the opportunity to visit Fender Customshop in Corona USA this year. It was a great honor to meet the complete Customshop team, specially the Masterbuilders in their own workshops. To talk to them, and see and feel their passion. It was a great experience. Thanks!!

Meet the Fender Customshop Master Builders.

Dale Wilson

After our conversation with Dale Wilson we had decided to use a baked alder body back instead of okume for our custom order bound top natural back Bigsby Tele with two TV jones pickups. We recently received this special Bound top Bigsby Telecaster and it was a very good decision. The guitar looks nice, is reduced in weight and resonates awesome. Thank you for that Dale.

Todd Krause

The meeting with Big guy Todd Krause was very special. We talked about the relation between the different kind of woods and weights for the guitarbody and the different neck thinkness and profiles. Todd believes in a perfect body neck combination, that always gives the best balanced sound. He told us that body woodtype and weight are always the base to search the perfect neck for it and only the best is good enough for him. After this conversation we decided to order a 63 "Todd Krause" masterbuilt stratocaster sonic blue journey man relic with mid 60's C-shape neck with 7.25 to 9.5 compound fretboard radius. We thought that the Josefina handwound pickups are the only good choice for this master piece.  Todd is still building on this masterpiece. If you are interested, please call, or fill in the contact form HERE.

Greg Fessler

We really enjoyed listening to Gregs story’s about the tremendous work of the Robin Ford models. Besides that, he works on Customshop order Strats, Tele models with the Greg Fessler masterbuild option. His goal and challenge is always to make a perfect playable neck without dead spots. See this as a Greg Fessler signature. He also show us a very unique tone cirquit that he is using to upgrade a Strat or Tele model. If you like to use this masterbuilt Greg Fessler option, please feel free to contact us HERE to calculate your own Greg Fessler Strat or Tele model.

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